Canadian government recalls another cannabis brand after detecting mold

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Canadian government recalls another cannabis brand after detecting mold

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Canadian cannabis consumers, listen up. The Liquor & Cannabis Commission have recalled Eldo dried cannabis packaged and dated November 28, 2018, due to mold. 

It’s subsidiary, Up Cannabis, was forced to clear it’s shelves of the product after test results determined that the cannabis’ levels of microbial mold contaminants exceeded the acceptable limits set out under Canada’s cannabis laws. All of the 1,428 units sold throughout Alberta are suspected to contain mold and so, all products numbered with the above figures must be recalled.

Customers who are concerned that they may have purchased Eldo dried cannabis will have done so between November 29, 2018, and January 4, 2019.

Why is the recalled Canadian cannabis product hazardous to health?

It would be beneficial for anyone who has used the moldy batch of Eldo dried cannabis to consult their healthcare provider or doctor for a swift check-up.

Being exposed to mold can trigger a number of temporary health problems. For many people, mold spores can cause allergic reactions that result in a runny nose, constant sneezing, coughing, dry throat, red eyes, and lethargy.

Canadian cannabis products have been recalled before 

Since Canada legalized weed across the nation back on October 17, 2018 – the date on which the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) went into effect – the nation’s industry has encountered a number of problems. During the first few weeks of legalization, there was a glut in supply for Canadian cannabis.

What’s more, in December, Health Canada recalled two different strains of Bonify dried cannabis. The organization’s motives for doing so were down to concerns regarding the strand’s likelihood of meeting the limits and regulations for contaminants, such as pesticides and mold.

According to Health Canada, no complaints have been filed against the Organization as of yet. No reports have been filed regarding an adverse reaction to the recalled product, either.

Consumers should stop using mold-containing Canadian cannabis product immediately

The Government of Canada has warned consumers to stop using the Eldo dried cannabis job lot #1204201 immediately.

Refunds are being offered to anyone who has purchased the faulty cannabis product and in order to proceed with a full refund, customers should contact Up Cannabis Inc.

Alternatively, the Alberta Cannabis Call Centre can be contacted on 1-855-436-5677 for customers who bought the product online.