AI-driven DNA sequencing provides insight into medical cannabis market

“AI provides insight into the function of genetic expression and helps removes the guesswork,” said the CEO of Frelii, Ian Jenkins

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AI-driven DNA sequencing provides insight into medical cannabis market

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and for the cannabis market, this means breaking the boundaries of DNA sequencing.

Scientists from a medical technology company called Frelii are working hard to integrate Artificial intelligence (AI) into the medical cannabis market.

Their goal? To gain an in-depth insight into strain options and delivery methods that work best for each individual patient, based on their specific genetic composition. By utilizing the power of AI-driven DNA sequencing for the medical cannabis market, Frelii is able to capitalize on a blossoming industry.

The plant has been legalized for medical purposes across 33 U.S. states, not to mention numerous other places on the world map. Cannabis reform is being aided by scientific breakthroughs, which is effectively altering public perception on pot.

AI-driven DNA sequencing could bolster the medical industry

Albeit a flourishing industry, medical cannabis could earn $12.5 billion for the U.S. economy by 2025. Yet, a predicament remains for patients who seek a prescription: medical professionals are struggling to figure out a way to aid healthcare professionals in prescribing the proper prescriptions.

Frelii hopes to assist with this.

“AI combined with DNA sequencing is a match made in heaven because it can bring to light previously unexplored connections that can impact entire industries such as the rapidly expanding medical marijuana market to health care at large,” said the CEO of Frelii, Ian Jenkins. “AI provides insight into the function of genetic expression and helps removes the guesswork.”

The company’s technology could potentially be integrated into personalized medicine, thanks to its ability to determine an individual’s cannabis requirements according to their unique DNA.

“Our own Frelii AI system stands at the forefront to empower personalized and precision medicine in new and exciting way,” he said, adding that “Frelii looks at every data point on the genome and analyses how each point is interconnected with every other data point.”

Jenkins believes that by analyzing the genetics of cannabis in this way, a fundamentally unique approach to DNA sequencing and analysis can be accomplished.

“We produce 60 Million data points, vs the typical 400-700 thousand, as with typical consume- level DNA kits. What we end up with are hard facts that say what the human body will do as well as information regarding what it could do when drugs, medications, supplements and lifestyle changes are introduced.”

AI-powered DNA sequencing will be applied to a broader healthcare market

At the moment, amidst the rapid rise of cannabis reform, AI-powered DNA sequencing for cannabis will mainly benefit the medical market. However, Frelii is open to opportunities that may emerge in a wider healthcare market as time progresses.

Companies operating in other areas of the healthcare market are sure to snap up an opportunity when it arises. After all, Frelii’s AI technology represents the fastest method of DNA sequencing to-date.