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Michigan’s first cannabis lounge will have a “mellow” vibe

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Michigan’s first cannabis lounge will have a “mellow” vibe

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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Adult-use cannabis is legal in Michigan and the state seems to be adapting to legal weed rather quickly, what with the establishment of cannabis lounges across Michigan’s cities and townships.

Consumers who visit a Michigan cannabis social center can enjoy their bud in a safe and secure social setting. Rules and regulations have been clearly set out by various states in which cannabis sales are legal. Regulation of onsite cannabis consumption, on the other hand, will be dealt with by local governments in a similar way to how bars obtain their liquor licenses.

What happens inside Michigan’s cannabis lounges?

North of Flint, in Genessee County,  Anna Germaine has launched Michigan’s first cannabis consumption lounge.

The “Rec Center” has now been in operation for two months.

“We’re hoping to set a precedent,” said the manager, Lindsay Price. People need places to go where they don’t have to be around alcohol. The bar crowd can behave like children; in this world, people are mellow.”

Michigan’s first cannabis consumption lounge is open to adult consumers who can get together and use the plant socially alongside fellow cannabis connoisseurs, so long as they are of legal age.

One of the main goals of Michigan’s first cannabis consumption lounge is to provide social butterflies with an alternative to alcohol.

“We’re very much into the medicinal aspects [of cannabis],” says Price, adding that “we also want people to be able to just hang out and enjoy smoking with friends. In Genesee County, how many liquor licenses do we have here? A lot. I want to have that kind of environment where you can have fun without the alcohol.”

Michigan cannabis social center does not sell weed

Despite the fact that you can’t actually buy weed in the Rec Center, guests are invited to enjoy a vast array of amenities on offer.

They include a pool table, ping pong table, shuffleboard table, gaming stations and even a claw arcade machine that could nab lucky players anything from brand new bongs and edibles to t-shirts, cannabis-themed products and pre-rolled joints.

Both a cannabis social club and an entertainment facility in one, the Rec Center invites weed aficionados to bring your own bud (BYOB). Even though you can’t buy cannabis at the 420 social spot, arcade game players can earn a joint for each hour of gaming.

Dealing with cottonmouth or a case of the munchies won’t be a problem, because customers can purchase nonalcoholic beverages and packaged snacks inside the club.

Michigan cannabis social center to host events

Standard memberships and drop-ins are available at the club, where the tranquil yet sociable atmosphere also lends itself to private parties and cannabis-themed events.

Not so long ago, a cannabis tasting event was held at the Rec Center. In the coming months, visitors can anticipate open mic nights, poker tournaments, and painting/crafting nights.

Monthly membership options are currently being discussed.

Fancy visiting? You can find the cannabis social club on 8033 N Dort Hwy, Mount Morris, Michigan 48458.

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Michigan’s first cannabis lounge will have a “mellow” vibe