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Pennsylvania medical cannabis sales total $132 million in first year of legalization

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Pennsylvania medical cannabis sales total $132 million in first year of legalization

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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During Pennsylvania’s first year of legal medical cannabis sales, state residents forked out $132 million on medicinal-grade weed.

This is based on data revealed by the governor’s office. According to officials, as many as 83,000 people bought medical cannabis in Pennsylvania within the first year of medical legalization. Moreover, the Gov. Tom Wolf administration claimed that weed-based medications were purchased almost 600,000 times from Pennsylvania’s dispensaries.

Under the details of Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program, the total number of approved dispensaries rests at 50, with the maximum number of permitted growers/processors at 25.

Until operations are ramped up, business operations will continue as normal inside 45 of Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis dispensaries. One of those dispensaries can be found in the Susquehanna Valley.

Growers/processors valuable for Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program

Cannabis cultivators and processors contributed immensely to Pennsylvania’s tax revenue during the first year of legal medical sales.

Combined, growers and processors accrued over $2 million in tax revenue.

“The Wolf Administration today announced that in its first year the state’s medical marijuana program has helped 83,000 Pennsylvanians access this vital medication, which was dispensed nearly 600,000 times at approved dispensaries across the state,” read the official press release from the governor’s office.

“The first year that the state’s medical marijuana program has been operational tells us that this program is working to help Pennsylvanians in need of this medication,” states Governor Tom Wolf. “Patients are realizing the benefits and there has been steady, positive progress that I am pleased to report.”

More than 1,400 physicians apply to prescribe medical cannabis in Pennsylvania

Over 160,000 patients in Pennsylvania have signed up for the state’s medical cannabis program, where some 1,000 physicians have been given the green light to get involved in the program. The number of physicians that are still waiting for their Pennsylvania medical cannabis application to be reviewed exceeds 400.

“Our goal for the next year and beyond is to increase the number of grower/processors and dispensaries operating, to register even more physicians and to continue the growth of our scientific, medically based program,” said the Department of Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine.

Since the medical cannabis program was signed into law by Gov. Wolf and enacted on April 17, 2016, temporary regulations have been completed.

The Medical Marijuana Advisory Board have come together to discuss Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis system and amplify its success. Four laboratories have been approved to test medication prior to delivering it to patients.

In addition to this, almost 600,000 dispensing events have been validated, eight medical schools have been certified as Academic Clinical Research Centers and six training providers have been approved for physician continuing education.

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Pennsylvania medical cannabis sales total $132 million in first year of legalization