The Kind Festival: Here’s what happened at Mike Tyson’s 420-themed music event

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Mike Tyson’s reputation as a world heavyweight champion is slowly being replaced with a celebrity “cannapreneur” status, thanks to his entrepreneurial efforts in the legal weed space. The co-founder of Tyson Holistics celebrated the green plant alongside fellow 420 enthusiasts on Saturday, February 23, when the Kind Music Festival kicked off in Desert Hot Springs.

Cannabis brands were able to use the Kind Music Festival as a platform for exposure, where cannabis-branded booths dotted the dry landscape. The Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network and Sensi Magazine are just two examples of the many brands that could be seen at the inaugural Kind Music Festival.

Mike Tyson’s cannabis music festival attracted thousands

Image result for kind music festival picturesWhat might have looked like a mirage from a distance was, in fact, a pop-up music festival in Desert Hot Springs.

Hosted by Tyson himself on the grounds of his soon-to-open 412-acre resort and cannabis research facility, Tyson Ranch Resort, the Kind Music Festival attracted thousands of pro-pot party goers.

Getting to the festival would have been an adventure in itself, with many attendees being transferred from Indian Canyon Drive to Varner Road by shuttle.

Clustered on a segment of the desert about the size of a small football field, Tyson’s shindig featured inflatable sofas for stoners to kick back on, music from Miguel, Starcrawler and Ferg, as well as plenty of food trucks dishing up delectable delights for attendees with the munchies.

Tyson could be seen soaking up the atmosphere on his sun-drenched territory, where he looked the part holding a joint in-hand. He made an appearance on the large center stage in-between music sets from various artists.

Plans for another Kind Music Festival in October are underway’s a good chance that another Kind Music Festival will be held on Tyson Ranch Resort in October.

According to Special to The Desert Sun Tyson, Taya Gray, the former boxing champion had been making regular appearances at various artists’ performances over the summer

“We’ve been discussing maybe Migos, Drake, Cardi B,” said Gray, who strolled the festival grounds whilst exhaling plumes of potent cannabis-enriched smoke.

“I think that’d be awesome,” he said in reference to introducing the aforementioned artists to the next music festival held on the grounds of Tyson Ranch Resort. “Nothing would be better than having them for a lit show.”

Mike Tyson promotes his 420 theme park at the Kind Festival

Members of the crowd that congregated at the Kind Festival were indulged with information and graphics about Tyson Ranch Resort, which could be seen projected on the main stage when artists weren’t taking to the microphone.

Anyone who fixated their eyes on the map would have been blown away by the sheer magnitude of Tyson’s 420 theme park, which is home to the world’s largest lazy river on both sides of I-10 west of Gene Autry Trail.  Tyson Ranch Resort also boasts a sports arena, indoor water resort, and a recreational golf complex.

Find out more about Tyson Ranch Resort by visiting the official website:

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