Supreme Cannabis launches a cannabis genetics company Cambium Plant Sciences

Supreme Cannabis will funnel $14 million into the development of Cambium’s facility

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

On Monday, April 22, The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. announced its plans to launch Cambium Plant Sciences in Goderich, Ontario.

Cambium is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toronto-based pharmaceutical company Supreme Cannabis. Also included in Supreme Cannabis’ portfolio is its multi-award-winning brand 7ACRES, southern African cannabis oil producer Medigrow Lesotho, and a licensing deal and brand partnership with Khalifa Kush Enterprises Canada.

The company’s primary goal is to establish the next generation of premium cannabis genetics for use in medical, wellness and recreational applications. It aims to accomplish this goal through the systematic application of research, technology and science.

Supreme Cannabis CEO says “genetics are the foundation of proprietary cannabis products”

According to Navdeep Dhaliwal, CEO of Supreme Cannabis, the proprietary genetics selection methodology and ability to perform high-end cannabis cultivation through the 7ACRES brand has generated a surge in industry demand for the company’s proprietary genetics and cultivation techniques.

“It was as a result of the demand that we saw a global opportunity to create a company whose sole focus is innovating plant genetics and cultivation IP for the global cannabis market. We believe genetics are the foundation of proprietary cannabis products in the long term,” he said. He added that “Cambium will develop cultivars that benefit our in-house brands, as well as our domestic and global cultivation and manufacturing partners.”

Dr. Alan Darlington is leading Cambium as General Manager. He also takes on the role of Director of Special Projects for 7ACRES and has a Ph.D. in greenhouse systems from the University of Guelph.
(Pictured) Dr. Alan Darlington

“Cannabis has not yet had the benefit of the agricultural revolution that transformed commercial agriculture on a global scale over the past century. We believe, Cambium will play a leading role in advancing the cannabis industry by revolutionizing strain development to enhance the broader industry’s outputs,” said Dr. Darlington. “From the next blockbuster recreational strain to disease-resistant agricultural seed stock, Cambium will seek to improve the economic profile of cannabis production by pushing the boundaries of the cannabis plant.”

Supreme Cannabis will funnel $14 million into the development of Cambium’s facility

Included in the investment will be the creation of proprietary cultivation rooms for the testing and selection of new cannabis genetics, as well as breeding rooms and supporting infrastructure inside the company’s current 34,000 square-foot operation.

The commencement of Cambium’s facility retrofitting is expected by early summer. Cambium has already begun the Health Canada licensing process.