Pennsylvania’s most populous county opens first medical cannabis dispensary

The dispensary - which sells smokable and edible forms of medical cannabis - will be fitted with interior and exterior surveillance systems

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

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A store called Herbology Medical Cannabis Dispensary has become the first retailer in Delaware County to legally sell the plant and its derived products for therapeutic/medicinal purposes.

The official store launch commenced on Monday, May 6; a date that had been pondered over for a long time by lawmakers at the Morton Borough meetings.

Although Herbology Medical Cannabis Dispensary is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania’s most populous county, it is not the company’s first venture into the industry, with the dispensary also boasting dozens of other locations including Altoona, Gettysburg, and Philadelphia.

Proudly positioned on block 400 of Baltimore Pike in Morton, Herbology Medical Cannabis Dispensary welcomed an influx of first-time customers at its grand opening party on May 6. Despite the excitement, some local members of the Delaware County community are feeling slightly skeptical about the opening of the county’s first ever retail facility to sell regulated and lab-tested cannabis products.

Concerns regarding security at Herbology’s store have been raised. However, Morton Police force is confirmed to be on standby should anything go wrong at the facility, such as a break-in or robbery. In addition to this, the dispensary will be fitted with interior and exterior surveillance systems.

CEO and founder of Herbology Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Mitchell Kahn

“I think there’s a lot of myths around this and when you actually experience and see and understand it, and understand the security and how we approach it, I think most communities get very comfortable,” said the CEO and founder of Herbology Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Mitchell Kahn.

You can get advice on the best medical cannabis products from one of Herbology’s expert budtenders, who can be found inside the dispensary seven days a week. Store opening hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Saturday.

According to Pennsylvania law, medical cannabis patients must meet the state’s criteria for qualifying conditions in order to receive a prescription for cannabis-based medicines. When a patient is approved to receive a medical cannabis card, they must pay a one-time fee of $50.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about enrolling in Delaware’s Medical Marijuana Program can do so by visiting the Office of Medical Marijuana (OMM) website. The primary focus of the OMM is to safeguard Delawareans by proactively monitoring and enforcing the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act and the law’s associated regulations.

The OMM prides itself on conducting close coordination with state and local law enforcement on topics involving the Compassion Centers. Moreover, it’s prompt response to the county’s registered patients means that issues can be dealt with swiftly. Through conducting in-depth investigations into Delaware County’s regulated cannabis vendors, the OMM is able to minimize potentially negative environmental impacts and human health risks.