Alaskans push for first statewide public consumption measure


Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

The Anchorage Assembly is now urging cannabis regulators to allow locals and tourists the right to smoke inside retail dispensaries in the state of Alaska.

Currently, the state of Alaska allows both medical and social use of cannabis, but only allows patients and social users to consume in private homes.

The board rejected a proposal in February that would have made Alaska the first state in the country to allow consumption of cannabis in retail stores. No states currently have any provision allowing consumers to partake in public.  

The resolution is downtown specific and seeks to appeal to tourists who can’t easily access a private residence.

The Alaska Dispatch News reports Assemblywoman Amy Demboski attempted to set a public hearing in July saying it should have more public input along with other assembly members who voted against the measure.

Assemblyman Christopher Constant lead the resolution, fearing widespread consumption in public areas for those who can’t abide by the “private residence” clause.

Constant doesn’t see his work on the resolution as a “policy statement,” but an opportunity for the Marijuana Control Board to take action on an important concern.

This resolution doesn’t have immediate legal effect, but is being forwarded to the board for consideration.