Gallup Poll claims 40 percent of Americans have tried cannabis


Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

A Gallup poll released Tuesday found 45 percent of Americans said they have tried cannabis at least once.

Stemming from the 1969 poll that showed four percent of adults had tried cannabis, Gallup claimed the rise in the data correlates with the increasing support for legalization.

Anyone found with cannabis 48 years ago faced harsh legal action if caught with the plant, but 29 U.S. states currently allow medical use and eight allow social use.

A separate poll question found that 12 percent of Americans state they currently smoke cannabis. This percentage was a significant decrease from those who tried it, with the statistic showing more casual consumers than regular.

Those in the 30-49 age range (51 percent) were most likely to have tried the plant, followed closely by the age group 50 to 64 (49 percent). Fewer younger Americans have tried cannabis, but more of them currently smoke it. Regular cannabis usage trended downwards as individuals aged.

Gallup surmised that the rise in support for medical and social cannabis could lead to a higher number in the experimentation and regular use of cannabis, but cites the federal government as the main obstacle towards legalization.

In 2014 60 percent of Americans said cannabis should be legal, which was a record high in the polled statistics.