In-depth cannabis study released by edibles company Sensi Products

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial

Could cannabis for sleep be the next big thing? The promising results of a new study conducted and published by Sensi Products suggests that cannabis for PTSD could be a viable treatment option for insomnia.

Sensi, which is a cannabis product manufacturer headquartered in California, hopes to provide patients with possible plant-based treatment options as a result of the study. The company specializes in the creation of cannabinoid-infused sleeping aids, including Sensi Chew Insomnia with THC and Sensi Chew Insomnia Plus with CBD.

“Over the past five years we’ve interviewed nearly two thousand consumers who struggle with insomnia and lack of sleep,” explains Lisa Tollner, Co-Founder and CSMO at Sensi Products. “Most studies only scratched the surface and we wanted a deeper understanding of what the consumer is going through and why they are looking to cannabis as a possible solution which is an essential piece of the sleep puzzle.”

Cannabis for sleep study by Sensi Products provides “fascinating insights”

Sensi Products has, so far, sold over a million units of its edible chews in 250 dispensaries statewide. The licensed cannabis company’s product range comprises the edibles selection of Sensi Chews in nine different variations, as well as a range of CBD-containing softgel capsules. 

“This sleep study by Sensi Products produced some fascinating insights that we haven’t seen in past studies on cannabis and sleep. In particular, the high approval rating of cannabis edibles for sleep is an interesting result that should be followed up on. Future research should investigate whether cannabis edibles might provide an especially efficacious route to sleep improvements – as this study suggests” said writer and cannabis educator, Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD.

In order to conduct the study on cannabis for PTSD, the Sensi team elaborated on the results of previously-conducted sleep studies. Numerous factors were taken into account, including the various types of cannabis consumption, causes of sleeping disorders and sleeping patterns, alternative medication use and certain lifestyle habits; e.g. midday napping and regular/irregular exercise.

Majority of study subjects reported better nights’ sleep after using edibles from Sensi Products

A total of 246 respondents participated in Sensi Products’ study on cannabis for sleep. Most of the respondents – 72 percent – favored edible cannabis consumption as a means of tackling sleep problems. The vast majority – 91 percent – who consume edibles reported improvement in sleeping patterns  

Aside from the fact that Sensi Chew Insomnia products were efficient for improving sleep, the results demonstrated additional positive effects; 74 percent of respondents say they slept for longer, 56 percent reported feelings of elation, 53 percent said they felt more emotionally balanced, 51 percent were more productive, 46 percent had better focus, 35 percent had improved memory and 24 percent experienced better motor skills after consuming cannabis edibles.

According to the respondents, Chews were favored over alternative types of cannabis products, due to a lack of negative side effects and longer-lasting relief.