Meet the world’s first cannabis sports car


A sports car made entirely out of woven hemp made its debut when TV presenter Jay Leno got behind the wheel.

Retired Dell company manager Bruce Dietzen invested $200,000 into Renew Sports Cars as a carbon neutral alternative to other “green” vehicles on the market.

The auto bodies were built from 100 pounds of woven hemp, which is lighter than fiberglass, stronger than steel, resistant to dents, and biodegradable.

Jay Leno and Dietzen struck multiple blows on the hood of the car to demonstrate its sturdy build.

Hemp is a variant of the cannabis plant which does not produce large amounts of the psychoactive component Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The plant was previously used for building materials, paper, food, and biofuel.

Renew Sports Cars are selling the vehicles for approximately $40,000, with custom add-ons like the choice of using biofuel and multiple engine options.

Various states began decriminalizing the growth of hemp with the legalization of medical cannabis, as more businesses witness the extensive uses of the crop.