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Cannabis social clubs in Spain: An insight into Spanish cannabis culture

The number of cannabis social clubs in Spain has swelled to more than 700
Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial June 7, 2018

Some of the most experienced cannabis consumers on the planet can be found inside cannabis clubs in Spain, a country that is gradually embracing the concept of social smoking. In fact, rates of cannabis...

Coffee shop receives nations first cannabis social club license

Coffee shop receives nation’s first cannabis social club license

February 27, 2018

A coffee shop in Denver received city approval Monday for the country's first business license to allow cannabis use by patrons. The Coffee Joint will allow customers to vape or consume edibles they bring...’s-medical-marijuana-dispensaries-slows-drastically.jpg

Maine residents must wait until 2023 to attend cannabis social clubs

Bethan Rose Jenkins, Cannabis News Writer/Editorial February 1, 2018

Cannabis social clubs are anticipated to open their doors to Maine residents… in 2023. This news comes after a cannabis legalization panel in the "Pine Tree State" voted to postpone social club licensing....

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