Los Angeles to hold first Olympic Games amid legalized cannabis


Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

The city of Los Angeles has reached a deal that will bring the 2028 Olympic Games to Southern California, the first time the event will be held amid an adult-use social cannabis market.

While officials in LA worked to bring the 2024 Olympic Games to the city, they reached an agreement with Olympic leaders to give LA the Summer Games in 2028 instead.

The city last hosted the games in 1984, before voters helped California become the first state to legalize medical cannabis. It is unclear how hosting the games in a legal cannabis jurisdiction may affect the athletes or the countries participating.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran are vehemently against cannabis and other substances, issuing harsh punishment for varying degrees of possession. If cannabis becomes an issue with visiting countries, events could potentially be held in other facilities in the region. 

The 1996 Olympics Games were held in Atlanta, while certain events were also held in Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.