Public support for cannabis at all-time high


Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

An increasing number of Americans are in favor of national legalization of social and medical cannabis, while few support federal crackdowns in states which have legalized the plant for either purpose.

A new Quinnipiac poll released August 3 reported 94 percent of Americans support “allowing adults to legally use cannabis for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it,” up from 93 percent 5 months ago, and up 5 points in the last year.

Social cannabis is also growing in support, with 61 percent agreeing cannabis should be legalized nationally, up from 59 percent in February 2017, and up 10 points since December 2012.

Only 20 percent of Americans surveyed support the enforcement federal laws against cannabis in states that have already legalized medical or recreational cannabis. This is down from 23 percent in February, the first time the question was asked.

A political divide on the issue persists with 37 percent of Republicans supporting legalization, while 70 percent of Democrats and 67 percent of Independents support it. The number of Republicans who support medical cannabis rose five points from February and 9 points from June 2016.

The poll was conducted with 1,125 voters via landlines and cellphones from July 27 – August 1, with a margin error of +/-  3.4 percentage points.