Israel plans to globally export medical cannabis


Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

Israel may soon start exporting medical cannabis to other countries following the recommendation of a government committee approved earlier this week by the ministries of health and finance.

The committee recommended the export of cannabis smoking products, oils and evaporation-based products from certified growers to countries where medical cannabis is legal. The Israel Police and the Ministry of Health are preparing a three month plan to begin the export process.

Former Ministry Director-General Shai Bbad said countries like Australia, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Cyprus have already contacted Israel about the possibility of export.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said the export of medical cannabis would also show significant economic potential for the state of Israel, strengthen agriculture and develop more medical cannabis products.

Approximately 30,000 Israeli patients have prescriptions for medical cannabis through licensed physicians, supplied by eight licensed cannabis growers producing 10 tons a year. Hundreds of other potential growers have applied for licenses.