Argentina approves nonprofit patient cannabis collectives


Medical cannabis patients in Argentina will soon have easier access to pharmaceutical-grade plant medicine.

The news comes after the government of Argentina, known as the “Argentine Ministry of Health,” permitted the cultivation of medicinal cannabis by nonprofits under Resolution 673.

As per the details of Resolution 673, patients must join a special registry Registry of the Cannabis Program (REPROCANN) in order to receive medical cannabis in Argentina.

Medical cannabis in Argentina: Each NGO can legally provide cannabis to a maximum of 150 people

Resolution 673 amends an Argentinian resolution that gained lawmaker approval in March 2021. 

The rule established, regulated and provided oversight for REPROCANN, as well as outlined the simple boundaries of controlled cannabis cultivation for medical consumers.

As per Argentina’s medical cannabis law, NGO’s will be legally allowed to serve a maximum of 150 people with their own grown cannabis. In order to register more than 150 patients, a special request must be submitted.

Moreover, NGO’s all of whom will be authorized to register numerous properties for the same purpose will have the option to grow the plant both inside and outside.

NGOs must register with the country’s Ministry of Health in order to be certified to supply patients with medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis in Argentina: More details about the updated law

Up until the recent update of Argentina’s medical cannabis bill, law 27350 stipulated that only the plant’s use was allowed; the Argentine Senate approved CBD oil for medical use back in March 2017.

Three years later, in late November 2020, a decree permitting financed medical cannabis access and personal cultivation was signed by President Alberto Fernandez.

Fortunately for cannabis lobbyists across the South American country, the Ministry of Health’s acceptance of the REPROCANN advisory board means that NGO’s can now represent up to 150 people, register multiple premises and cultivate indoors/outdoors.

The area in which organizations choose to grow medical cannabis in Argentina must not exceed 15 square meters in outdoor premises. For indoor cultivation, the maximum allowed space for growing cannabis is six square meters. A total of nine flowering plants can be held in each of the aforementioned areas.

An industry analysis report published by cannabis-focused data firm Prohibition Partners in 2020 pinned a $40 million valuation on the Argentine cannabis market by the year 2024. According to the prediction, Argentina’s cannabis market will surge at a 34 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period.

For further information about Argentina’s medical cannabis market, visit the REPROCANN website by clicking here. Alternatively, click here to register for medical cannabis in Argentina.