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Schumer’s cannabis legalization bill will target aspiring entrepreneurs, as opposed to “big boy” industry players
Cannabis research-promoting infrastructure bill signed by Biden could boost access to dispensary products
Uber Eats presents Canadian customers with brand new ‘click-and-collect’ cannabis service
MSO roundup: Canopy and MedMen shake up leadership
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Cannabis is becoming one of the most lucrative crops in Arizona
California announces plans to institute mandatory statewide cannabis testing
Michigan testing lab reacts to ‘unjustified’ cannabis product recall in legal battle
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Study: Cannabis legalization in Canada is not connected to a rise in traffic injuries
Report demonstrates impressive growth for the global legal cannabis market
Veteran-focused cannabis research moving in the right direction, but VA is still on the sidelines
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Lawmakers in Utah want to treat medical cannabis just like any other prescription
Medical cannabis sales revenue tops $447 million in Arkansas
Louisiana’s medical cannabis market set to transform from a poor performer to a strong sales generator
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Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) identifies health-threatening chemicals in black market cannabis
Mexico’s legal cannabis market could generate USD $2.1 billion within first four years
British residents ‘blocked’ from medical cannabis access three years post-legalization
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