Application process opens for Denver businesses to allow social cannabis consumption


The social cannabis consumption program which would allow for cannabis consumption in some businesses is ready to enter the application process.

Officials from the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses announced they are ready to begin the process, but the first batch of license requests for the program may not come in immediately since the application process is extensive.

Voters passed the rules for the social cannabis consumption initiative in November, but activists considered whether to sue over rules they said could impose too many hassles. The current rules would make too many locations illegible because they are within 1,000 feet of schools, drug treatment centers, and child-care facilities.

Businesses which want to provide 21-and-over areas for cannabis consumers have to take several steps before applying. The process includes obtaining backing from a neighborhood or business group, staying 1,000 feet away from restricted sites, paying a the $1,000 application fee, and putting together documents and plans.

Under the measure’s current rules, the only wide open places which would allow social cannabis consumption are close to the airport, along the Interstate 70, and certain neighborhoods outside of the city.