Las Vegas officials to wait for Denver before opening cannabis clubs


Las Vegas officials decided on Tuesday to wait until Denver authorizes the nation’s first cannabis clubs before establishing their own lounges in Nevada.

The discussion began among commissioners after Legislature attorneys concluded nothing in state law could prohibit local governments from allowing public cannabis consumption in approved lounges.

Social cannabis use in Nevada has been legal since July 1, but the law only allows consumption in private homes, leaving tourists without a legal place to consume cannabis.

The commissioners said they did not see any reason to be the nation’s first city to allow cannabis clubs, and would prefer to wait until another city could set an example they could improve in their own model.

“What I heard from the commission today is that they are open to the idea in concept, but they are not ready to move forward today,” said Andrew Jolley, president of the Nevada Dispensary Association. “My reading of the situation is that they are looking for more concrete and specific ideas to discuss and to debate when formulating their decision.”

The city of Denver allowed businesses to submit applications for future cannabis clubs in August, but hasn’t received any due to the extensive requirements and the length of the application.