Update: American Legion commander asks VA Secretary to be directly involved in proper cannabis research


Pictured: Denise Rohan, National Commander of the American Legion

On Tuesday, the American Legion once again contacted the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to support the research of medical cannabis as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The country’s largest veteran’s organization first reached out in March when it urged the VA to recommend and discuss medical cannabis where it is legal, but the department took no action.

Denise Rohan, the Legion’s national commander, sent a letter to VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin requesting he becomes directly involved with ensuring critical cannabis research is fully enabled and unbiased. 

The letter is a direct response to the VA’s studies which suggested there was not enough evidence to prove medical cannabis could effectively treat PTSD or chronic pain. Rohan endorsed a recent federally-approved study in her letter and decried the Phoenix VA for impeding significant cannabis research.

“The American Legion is one of the most powerful/respected veterans’ organizations in the country,” said Dr. Sue Sisley, a researcher involved in the new medical cannabis study on PTSD. “We hope this will resonate with the Phoenix VA hospital and they will finally agree to start cooperating with the FDA-approved study and sharing information with appropriate veterans who many want to volunteer.”