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These pot stocks are predicted to soar if cannabis is legalized in Canada

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These pot stocks are predicted to soar if cannabis is legalized in Canada

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Canada is emerging as a country that could potentially rival the United States if it legalizes cannabis.

Back in 2017, Canada’s cannabis market was worth an estimated $316 million CAD – equivalent to almost $250 million USD. This figure is pretty impressive, considering the fact that the recreational cannabis market is not yet legal.

Now, the estimated value of Canada’s recreational cannabis market is somewhere near the $3.89 billion in USD. Some active members of the cannabis community believe that it could even be a lot bigger.

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As cannabis legislation gradually unfurls across Canada (where the number of medical cannabis patients hit 200,000 at the end of 2017,) international investment opportunities are transpiring.

The legalization of adult-use pot in the “Great White North” will undoubtedly lead to major economic growth, as well as job creation and tourism.

If recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada, investors ought to keep a close eye on the following pot stocks in 2018.


By the time we reach February 2019, Aphria will have exported 230,000 kilograms of cannabis. Well, that is what this company is on track to do, anyway. Aphria aims to evolve into one of the top four cannabis producers in the entire country. Currently, Aphria is undergoing a major transformation, with a $100 million expansion project currently underway.

By partnering with Double Diamond Farms, as much as 120,000 kilograms of quality lab-tested weed will be produced every single year. Although Aphria’s products won’t be revealed to the market as soon as its competitors, long-term profitability is expected from anyone who invests in this cannabis stock.

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. (NASDAQOTH:CBWTF)

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. enjoys a 60 percent return on investment (ROI) for all of its deals. Investing in a cannabis stock of this kind could yield impressive results. Despite being brand new, this committed company has already secured 15 deals with private companies and by 2019, Cannabis Wheaton will contribute to the cannabis market with 230,000 kilograms of the plant.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to keep an eye on this pot stock, consider the fact that Cannabis Wheaton is constantly helping cannabis cultivators to grow their product lines by providing them with a forthright investment. The company stands a good chance at becoming one of Canada’s most lucrative cannabis stocks this year, because it rakes in a percentage of the crop yield below the average market rate. Profit is gained from selling the herbs at market rates – genius.

Emerald Health Therapeutics (NASDAQOTH:EMHTF)

Sharing similar visions, missions and goals with Aphria, Emerald Health Therapeutics is a pot stock that is gaining momentum, even though adult-use sales have been delayed in Canada. Emerald Health is in the process of expanding, in a bid to outshine larger game players, like Canopy Growth Corp. and Aurora Cannabis.

Headquartered in British Columbia, the company has partnered with Village Farms to expand its existing 1.1 million square-foot cannabis-growing facility (which was previously used to grow tomatoes) to a 5.8 million-square-foot growing space. This will aid the company in vamping up production.

While the company may not be able to keep up the pace with other cannabis companies who are prepared to distribute their yields by this summer, Emerald Health will enter the market with a fierce element of competition once the facility is ready. Investing now could mean big returns later down the line.

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These pot stocks are predicted to soar if cannabis is legalized in Canada