Study: cannabis can relieve vocal tics and Tourette’s symptoms


Pictured: Hannover Medical School in Hannover, Germany

A recent study found cannabis relieves Tourette’s symptoms. The study showed cannabis to be effective in treating symptoms associated with Tourette’s Syndrome. 

Researchers from the Hannover Medical School in Germany followed the progression of Tourette’s Syndrome in two patients with treatment-resistant vocal tics. One patient underwent therapy with a THC-dominant cannabis plant, while the other patient utilized Dronabinol, or oral THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a compound within the cannabis plant which causes psychoactive effects on the user’s brain.

They reported both cannabis treatments showed significant improvement in eliminating vocal tics and significant physical symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome. Both patients’ quality of life were shown to improve drastically in social situations and school performance.

“We suggest that greater awareness should be raised for the existence of tic-related stuttering-like symptoms and efforts should be made to avoid misdiagnoses, because severe vocal blocking tics regularly cause significant social impairment,” said Ewgeni Jakubovski, a lead researcher who wrote the first drafts of the study. “If other therapies fail to improve this form of complex vocal tics, treatment with [cannabis]  should be taken into consideration.”